HIGH CLEARENCE TRACTOR VV 1400 VB for Vine & Berries

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Brand: KOHLER KDI 3404 TCR
Cylinder capacity: 3.5 l.
Cylinder: 4
Power: 136 HP Turbo
Very high torque: 500Nm to 1400rpm
Warranty 3 years or 2000 hours
Water cooling



Wheel motors: POCLAIN 1043 Cc
Anti skating: VERMANDE (Patented)
4 permanent Drive Wheels
Hydro dynamic suspension on front wheels



1  REMOVABLE tank in stainless steel of 600l or 1000l or 1200l

Rinse tank 80 liters
The spraying is controlled by a TEEJET on-board computer which regulates the pressure whatever the speed of advance: DPAE
The turbines: 1 turbine per rows, centrifugal type, allow a uniform distribution of air on each row.
Air hoses: 3 or 4 outlets depending on the height of the vegetation
Jets: of the type projected inside a swirling tangential air flow: Exclusivity VERMANDE

Pressurized Class 4 (ISO Standard.15.695)
Panoramic: very good visibility on the frontal tools and on the ramp
Automatic air conditioning,
Carbon filter class 4
Very good soundproofing
Pneumatic seat
Electrical controls in bus-can.

Front lift, tool holder, flow 35 l / min to 2000rpm
Variable track from 2 m to 3m
Front hydraulic suspension
Clearance under chassis 1 m 40


From 0 to 25 km / h
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